Course Extensions Policy

Students who take courses during the regular school year can be accommodated with a short extension providing both the district/school and NJVS approve of the extension.  Students should be logging on daily in order to keep up with their assignments. Courses are open 24/7. Students can work at any time, including weekends, to maintain academic progress.


For summer school students:  As a matter of policy, we do not permit extensions for Summer school students.  However, we do recognize there may be extenuating circumstances where a student may need a bit more time.  


To request an extension, please submit a request to us (at least 5 days before the end of the semester) by going to  If the extension is approved, a $100 course extension fee must be paid prior to the course being extended.


Please note:  Extenuating circumstances does not include family vacation, camp, or simply falling behind.  Each request will be reviewed and you will be notified if it is approved or denied.  An extension fee ($100 per course) will apply unless the extension is due to illness and a doctor's note is provided to the NJVS office.