What can you tell me about the NJVS teachers?

Every NJVS student is taught by a highly-qualified New Jersey Certified teacher.  

What is a highly qualified New Jersey Certified teacher?
The NJVS only employs teachers who hold New Jersey subject content standard certification. We follow the same hiring practices as required for public school teachers: Interview, orientation, application and resume, reference check, credentials on file, fingerprinting, and board approval.
In addition, all of our virtual teachers are required to attend in-person training sessions to navigate the coursework, learning and student management systems. The teachers continue to work with our virtual and technical staff and receive additional online training during the school year.

The NJVS teachers are well-informed and familiar with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, since most are teaching during the day in public schools throughout the state.

The Director evaluates each teacher and provides feedback. We continue to work with our newly hired teachers by providing them with another virtual teacher, by subject, to conduct on-going communication for a successful year.