• New Jersey Virtual School™ delivers quality, online instruction to high school and middle school students in grades 6 – 12. Core comprehensive high school courses are approved annually by the NCAA . Advanced Placement courses are CollegeBoard approved each year and available during our fall and winter terms. NJVS™ provides online courses for:


    • New Course Credit
    • Credit Recovery
    • Advanced Placement
    • Short Term Instruction
    • Summer School
    • Homeschoolers


    Every New Jersey Virtual School™ student is taught by a highly-qualified New Jersey certified teacher who interacts with the student by providing extra help and encouragement to assist the student in successfully completing the course.  Instructional pace levels can be modified by the teacher to accommodate different learners.


    New Jersey Virtual School™ is a program of the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission.  A public, non-profit agency in the state of New Jersey.